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Toni Johnson

Toni Johnson, Event Protocol Expert her partners have over twenty-five years of experience servicing the Washington metropolitan distinctive and unique client base.

We are committed to providing you with unique, unparalleled, flawless events. Our approach integrates your thoughts, vision, and ideas into a customized occasion designed exclusively for you and you alone.

As the former senior event strategist for the second-largest real estate holding agency in politically charged Washington, DC; founder Toni Johnson, has been recognized as the "event protocol expert” by the highest level of clientele in both the public and private sectors. 

Ms. Johnson’s degree in Business Management knowledge has expanded over the years in educational settings such as George Washington University event management seminars, the National Association of Catering Executive workshops, and through other professionally based meetings and conferences. She is currently a member of the International Special Events Society, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Catering Executives, and Metro Event Specialists. She is active also in multiple LinkedIn groups such as Bizbash—Event Planners Gather; Catering & Event Pros; Event Peeps: For Live Event Industry Professionals; Event Planning & Event Management—the 1st Group for Event Professionals; Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce group; GSA PBS Industry Relations; Marketing and Public Relations; and DC Connections –Washington DC Connections. Her years of event management and protocol experience, knowledge of the communications and public relations arena, have resulted in customer service par excellence.

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