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Toni is in the perfect profession that matches her style and thought processes. She cannot help but make sure that every event is neatly packaged with style, class and clever design. She never misses a detail, and that is her greatest strength.

Toni is meticulous in her information gathering and prepares continuously for all of her guests so that everything will go smoothly and as expected.

I've worked with meeting planners for 20 years, and Toni embraces her events with passion and attention like nothing I've ever seen!

If you hire Toni, you will never have to sweat the details.

- E. Maher
 Lagniappe Promotions

The Straus family and I wish Toni Johnson’s excellent work to be

acknowledged and commended.


We are grateful to Toni . . . for presenting us with this wonderful event,

the Oscar S. Straus Memorial rededication ceremony. 


It was flawlessly and elegantly orchestrated and executed. 

We could have asked for nothing more.

- J. Adler
Executive Director,
Straus Historical Society
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